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Sports Awards, which will take place at the University of Texas at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, May 6, 2016. The Texas Athletics Endowed Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Sports Hall of Fame received a $500,000 award for his services to football.

He became the first Texas Longhorn to lead the Horns to their first NCAA tournament in program history with a victory over Texas A & M in the second round of the NCAA tournament.

He earned All-America honors as a senior after helping the Longhorn men's basketball team make its first NCAA tournament appearance in the program's history and repeating it in his senior season as the regular-season Big 12 champion.

In addition to the tennis team that also secured the Big 12 tournament crown last weekend, UT also won its first-ever NCAA tournament title in men's basketball. Both football and softball won their first NCAA tournament appearances, while swimming and diving earned their second straight All-America honors in swimming and diving.

The winners of the women's athletics were chosen by four female students - athletes who received the highest honor in Texas athletics. J.M. Hanks was the receiver while the second outfielder in softball, the second infielder in football and the second shortstop in swimming and diving. All five Texas teams have highlighted their athletic sides, winning six Big 12 championships this year, the most in program history.

The Lorene Rogers Scholar - Athlete Award, which is given to the best student athlete in each of the three major sports in Texas, went to two women basketball players and two women soccer players. Forney, who plays for the Big 12 of the Longhorns and Big East champions, is in her second season and wearing a PERFECT 4.0 GPA. She already has the NCAA National Newman Strikeout record with 478 K's and is one of only three players in school history with at least 1,000 strikeouts in a season.

The Leander Police Department has offered a $10,000 reward for the winner of the Lorene Rogers Scholar-Athlete Award. He made what he called the best video of his career before retiring in January, a documentary about his life as a police officer.

There are many ways to be outdoors in Leander, whether you are biking around the lake, riding in a popular state park or riding the treetops of the longest zip line in Texas. You can go bouldering, hiking in the forests of Hill Country, cycling around a lake or walking on one of the state's most popular hiking trails, and bouldering.

This year, the whole family will be offered free admission to Leander Park and Leisure Park on the first five days of the week. Check out the free outdoor activities they offer five days a week, such as hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, swimming and more.

Historically, the school was mainly used by the rural population, but the area has grown and the municipality has planned a primary school in Travisso. Since the early 1990s, you can learn more about Parks and Recreation's efforts to facilitate the development of Leander Park and Amusement Park, as well as other parks and recreational facilities throughout the city.

Hendrickson will be relegated from Class 6A to Class 5A and will compete in the Football League I. Anderson is now the largest Grade 5-A school in our state and will be in her first year of football competition in a 5B division. Liberty Hill will move from 4A to 5A, but for the first time in its history will compete as a Division II school.

Jarrell will move from Class 3A to Class 4A for the first time in his history and compete in Football League I. Johnson City will move from Class 3a to Class 2A, which will affect his first year as a Division II football school.

San Antonio Wagner will switch from Class 5A to Class 6A with Highland Park, and Rouse will drop to Connally. The long-standing punchline regarding the cutoff number of class 5A will be maintained in class 5a with a registration of 2209. After a year in which the only school with a reported number of over 1000 pupils in the national rankings fell into the 4A grade for the first time in its history, it is replaced in the 3A grade after the first two years.

LBJ and LASA will compete in a separate sports program starting next school year, with football, basketball, baseball and softball all taking place in the same district. But two other schools, Christian East Texas and Central West Texas, have filed petitions and will compete in Class 5A districts. Richard L. Johnson High School in San Antonio will play football and basketball for the first time in its history in Grade 6A.

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